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Welcome to Heavenly playground crèche and aftercare centre


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Heavenly Playgrounds Crèche staff undertakes to care for and instruct your child with love, understanding and patience.


To ensure that this service is of a high standard, you as parents are requested to comply with the following rules.


 Hours of Operation

Heavenly playground Crèche hours are strictly from 6:30 in the morning to17:30 in the evening. If, for whatever reason, care is required after-hours, an additional fee of R60.00 will be charged for every 15 minutes after closing time. This fee is used to remunerate the staff for working overtime.

 Days of Operation

Care is provided from Monday to Friday only. Heavenly playground crèche does not operate on public holidays. Management of Heavenly playground crèche will notify parents the second week in January of each year, when recess will be for the remainder of the year.

 Heavenly Play Grounds Creche

School fees are payable strictly in advance. Parents paying cash or via the Internet, must please ensure that payment reaches the Nursery School not later than the first day of the month concerned. No cheques will be accepted for the payment of school fees.

 Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of R100.00 is payable on signing of the agreement.

  Holiday Recess

Heavenly playground crèche is open during school holidays, then the school follows an informal program.

 Absence, Illness, Holiday And Recess In December

No discount is will granted for a child’s absence due to illness or when he/she is away on holiday. Parents undertake to pay the full fee for the recess in December / January. If a child has attended the Nursery School during the year, his/her school fees are still payable for November and December, even though the child may be enrolled at a primary school for the following year. The last date on which notice can be given that the child will be leaving the Crèche is 1 October for the end of October. If a child leaves the crèche during the year, written notice of one calendar month is required. If a child does not attend the crèche for the full month, the school fees for the month are still payable.

 Building Regulations & Specifications

Heavenly Playground Crèche & Preschool is a registered and holds certificates of compliance with the Centurion City Council and Health Department. The school is designed to be ECO friendly.

 Indemnification Transport And Care

Transport and care takes place at the sole risk of the parents who hereby indemnify Heavenly playgrounds crèche (owner and staff) against any liability that may arise from the care and transport of your child or participation in excursions.

  Security & Safety

The school premises are fully enclosed. Our school has one access controlled gates with a Chubb security response seconds away.

 Contagious Diseases

Children with contagious diseases may not be cared for by the Crèche and we expect parents to show regard for this rule (e.g. German measles are a danger to pregnant mothers visiting the crèche and gastro is life threatening to babies).

Extra-curricular activities

All extra activities are held during the children’s free playtime and therefore will not interfere with actual teaching time


The curriculum clearly demonstrates an understanding of the needs of children and provides for their growth through enriching and stimulating experiences suited to their age levels and stages of development. The curriculum includes:

  • Developmentally appropriate activities, including daily physical activity
  • Daily schedule
  • Classroom environment (and materials)
  • Physical activity
  • Nurturing relationships

Car Park

To ensure the safety of everyone in and around the premises the following is made clear to all parents. Parents are responsible for their children whilst in the car and in the street. Please park with consideration for others. No child will be allowed to leave the school premise with any person’s, without authorization from the child's parents or legal guardian.